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Michael Brasseur
New Car Director

Mike enjoys taking the boat out, golfing, and bowling. Mike has a loving wife and is the father of two beautiful kids. 

What makes Michael important?

Michael has a degree in financial management. He obtains the best rates, deals and terms from lending institutions. Mike handles all the new car inventory prices and incentives, also keeps the web site up to date and compliant.

Rick Groves
Pre-Owned Director

Rick a respectable man enjoys his free time outdoors with his family boating and fishing. Family is particularly important to him. He also loves to eat and enjoys fine dining. He has also had the honor of being named a Kentucky Colonel which is an honor only the Governor of Kentucky can bestow upon someone.

What does Rick do? Ensuring customers get the most for their trades and finding the best preowned vehicles in the market Rick ensures you will find the best preowned vehicle you have always wanted. He also daily ensures vehicles are priced to market.

Doug Abernathy
Director of Business Development /Sales Management

Doug a devout Christian and a leader with 40 years of automotive experience and over a decade with the Hoover Automotive Group .

When he is not at the dealership Doug devotes his time to Sharon, his wife.  He also enjoys exploring nature in the upstate, loves all water activities especially the beach and kayaking.  Doug is a self-proclaimed  " FOODIE " they are always looking for the next great dining experience . 

How Doug Helps You

Doug believes that people buy from people so by nature his priority is to be involved in every transaction to ensure the best buying experience .



Damian Mathews

He enjoys traveling to attend and camp out at outdoor music festivals and concerts.

Herbert McBride

Herbert a dedicated Salesperson who enjoys martial arts on his free time and is a blue belt in taekwondo.

Kevin Bradrick

Kevin a witty Salesperson loves helping people, live music, and believes family is the most important thing life.

Sam Tew

Sam has enjoyed playing football in high school and knows a lot about racing cars.


Business Development

Chyna Milford
Business Development

Chyna loves her work and aiding customers and colleagues achieve their goals.

Why Chyna is important- Her bubbly personality and uplifting spirit aids customers and staff alike. Working with customers locally and those out of state and out of region. Chyna ensures customers receive all the information they need.



Steven Steiner
Finance Director

Steven although a quiet man enjoys many activities on his free time. He loves to golf and actually is a former golf professional. He enjoys discovering new cuisines. He also has been to over 150 live concerts! He has 3 adorable dogs, two chocolate Labrador retrievers and one black Labrador.

How does Steven help everyone? With his stalwart personality and positive work ethic, he ensures perfect paperwork and flawless transactions.

Quentin Smith
Finance Manager/Salesman

Quentin is a man of many talents! One of those is being able to cook. He enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Also enjoying quality time with friends and family he enjoys spending time outside in nature and playing sports as well as board games. Quentin also knows how to, and enjoys doing, multiple Latin dances.

What makes Quentin special? With helping customers on the floor to helping finance vehicles Quentin expertly tackles all challenges.



Clint Gunnin
Service Manager

Clint enjoys Hunting, Fishing, and spending time with his kids and his girlfriend. He has been in the car business for over 20 years.

Matt Hanus
Service Advisor

Matt who has been with Hoover for over 7 years, loves to cook and grill out, as well as enjoying golfing.

Roy Moss
Senior Technician

Roy is our master technician and is ASE qualified. He enjoys watching sports, his personal favorites are baseball and football. He also enjoys outdoor cooking.

Horace Bracewaell
Automotive Technician

Horace is one of our other technicians who has been with Hoover for a little while. He loves hunting and fishing. He also enjoys working on Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s

Cameron Groves
Oil Technician

Cameron enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves performance vehicles as well as music and Taco Bell. 

Clyde Helton
Parts Director

Clyde is a talented man that spends his free time well. He loves woodworking, specifically make toys and trinkets. He also loves landscaping, mowing the lawn, weed whacking etc. He just enjoys trying to keep his lawn looking perfect

Jakob Webb
Automotive Technician

Jakob enjoys many things on his free time. He enjoys gaming, working on cars, hunting, and fishing.